Encontro Shopping Continental 29/09/2018
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Encontro Shopping Continental 29/09/2018

Encontro Shopping Continental 29/09/2018 Confira as fotos!

Kombi 1980 4x4 protótipo VW do Brasil

Kombi 1980 4x4 protótipo VW do Brasil

Kombi 4x4 1980 – protótipo da VW do Brasil – R$ 130 mil. Informações: Martin (11) 97203-2668 http://kombiecia.blogspot.com/2008/08/kombi-4x4.html http://www.angelfire.com/sk2/volksline/kombi/kombi4.htm


Carvelhos Dia Nacional da Kombi 2018


Revista Piauí: Unidos pela perua

Sampa Kombi Clube

Our members are passionate about the most lovable “bread loaf over wheels”, that has ever existed in the automobilist industry, our dear Kombi van.

We intend to gather as many van owners as possible to exchange ideas, arrange meetings, assist in restoration, tell stories, find parts, indicate professionals and services, ultimately, everything that is related to these vans.

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