About us

Sampa Kombi Clube is the most important Brazil´s bus club. We have been active since 2011 and today our mailing is distributed to more than 1,000 collectors.

In our curriculum are the creation of National Kombi Day, on September 2 of each year, the assembly of the event of farewell of the kombi in December 2013 in VW of Brazil, creation and maintenance of the largest bank of information on originality of national kombis , among other achievements.

Our intention is to encourage people to purchase a van, to assist them in restoration, to locate parts sellers and service providers, to promote meetings and to publicize services performed in kombi (weddings, photo ads or TV commercials).

We have our own product line for the promotion of our brand, such as T-shirts, key chains, under plates, calendars, caps, stickers and document holders.

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Sampa Kombi Clube

Our members are passionate about the most lovable “bread loaf over wheels”, that has ever existed in the automobilist industry, our dear Kombi van.

We intend to gather as many van owners as possible to exchange ideas, arrange meetings, assist in restoration, tell stories, find parts, indicate professionals and services, ultimately, everything that is related to these vans.

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